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ADHD Foundation, “Enhancing lives, creating change”

ADHD Foundation in Australia is a not for profit registered charity and we are here to help
“because EVERYONE deserves a chance to shine"
in their own UNIQUE way.

What is ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), also known as ADD is a complex, lifelong neurodevelopmental condition, which can be successfully managed with an individual treatment plan. Many people with ADHD live very successful and fulfilling lives. 

ADHD Foundation has been established in Australia as a national peak body which aims to support and represent all people with ADHD and those affected by ADHD Australia-wide. As one of many ongoing projects, this website aims to forge links with individuals, community groups, and online groups which support consumers with ADHD.

ADHD Foundation works with associated organisations across Australia who share common goals to strengthen our national network in support of people with ADHD and associated conditions.

Australian Data collected through a range of support services and activities is used anonymously to inform decision-making in government and private enterprises (including schools and other Education institutions) regarding the provision of effective supports for people who are living with ADHD.


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Caring for someone with ADHD

Caring for those who learn and think differently can take time, energy and additional resources.

Accurate advice and guidance on supporting your child to manage their  difficulties is crucial to the overall wellbeing of the family.

Studies demonstrate that ADHD can have negative impacts on virtually every aspect of daily life, social, emotional, academic and work functioning. ADHD can be experienced in mild, moderate or severe forms.

With the support of  reliable resources,  parents and carers can learn strategies to engage each child’s unique learning style and support them to explore their own creativity.

Make the world a better place

Our children with ADHD have the ability to think ‘outside of the box’, it is a gift we need to nourish. Their passion, intensity, enthusiasm, creativity, sensitivity, caring and sense of fun can be forgotten, or worse suppressed by the actions and words of those who want them to ‘fit in’

Children with ADHD know they are different, they are always ‘getting it wrong’, disappointing people and themselves. They lack emotional regulation. It’s hard to pay attention unless it’s something they are really interested in, they do things without thinking, then without meaning to find themselves in trouble.

We need to accept our special children for who they are, not what we want them to be, and highlight and work on their strengths. If we don’t, we risk them becoming angry and self-destructive, or withdrawn, anxious and depressed.

Let’s help our kids shine!

ADHD in adults – fact or fiction?

For many years we thought that most children grew out of ADHD, now we know that is a myth. Some adults very successfully learn to manage their lives with ADHD, some just get through knowing they are capable of more, too many struggle, fail and sadly do not get the help which will allow them to reach their potential.

There are in excess of one million people with diagnosable ADHD in Australia, most of whom are adults and with no diagnosis or access to treatment, which could improve the quality of their lives. We know the cost in economic terms is huge, but the personal cost is unmeasurable, not only for the person with ADHD, but for their families and friends.


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