About Us

The ADHD Foundation has been established to bring about positive change
for people affected by ADHD and other associated conditions. The nature of
the condition makes it very difficult for people to find and access to the help
they require to deal with complex organisations like health, education and
support services. Currently, there is no systematic pathway, approach or
support, for people navigating life with this complex condition.

ADHD presents in the media in a negative way that creates stigma, which
erodes self- esteem, and confidence. ADHD support is not a one size fits all.
Negative reactions caused by a lack of understanding of ADHD, by many
within the Health and Education sectors demonstrates an enormous need to
provide education and understanding, leading to better outcomes.

We understand the excessive financial costs to people where diagnosis of
ADHD and medication is extremely high and sometimes prohibits much
needed treatment. Treatment is through private avenues as the Public
Health Systems of the states and territories, avoid diagnosis and treatment,
especially in Adults. Large numbers of those with ADHD cannot afford to
meet the costs charged in the Private Health System to obtain the treatment
they require. The ADHD Foundation is committed to developing ways to
reduce this cost.

The ADHD Foundation plans to develop ADHD friendly services through
various highly effective technology systems and services. Our focus is on
supporting people with ADHD to shine in their own individual way through
the development a more robust and positive approach to wellbeing; by
engaging in projects that provide a higher functional system across multiple
and related organisations who are striving to improve standards and
processes. We aspire to provide a better system that allows people with
ADHD to navigate their way through some very complex and complicated
systems. We also propose to act as an advisory group to assist and support
government to understand what changes need to happen and difficulties that
can disable the aspirations and dreams of people with ADHD, and the very
important ways the scheme can help.


Improve the wellbeing and help people with ADHD and related conditions to live full and rewarding lives.


Strive to be direct makers of change through collaboration and communication.

Our Purpose:

The ADHD foundation is a not for profit organisation whose purpose is to:
Improve the outcomes of individuals with ADHD through education, collaboration, advocacy and policy reform, so that all children and adults with ADHD receive the evidence based treatment and support they require.

The ADHD Foundation has purpose for all children and adults with ADHD to:
– develop in a healthy manner and reach their full potential
– experience optimal health and wellbeing
– live a full and rewarding life
– feel good about themselves and about their future.

ADHD Foundation has purpose to enable people with ADHD to optimise their quality of life through the provision of a more positive advanced level of system functional capacity within society and the communities they reside.

Our Logo – Our Symbol:

The founders of the ADHD Foundation have selected the diamond as a symbol because of its strength and the complexity around creating such a valuable stone.

Through careful design, our diamond has emerged as the ADHD Foundations symbol reflecting many different facets and colours relating to the complexities that living with ADHD can create. ADHD is a condition that currently requires navigating life in a complex environment and can present and be visible in various other conditions depending on the viewing angle.

ADHD Foundation is a “not for profit” organisation registered with the ACNC as a charity with approved DGR status and registered by ASIC as a company limited by guarantee. ACNC Registered: ABN 16 619 001 848 . All donations to the Foundation over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Contact Us:

ADHD Foundation Limited PO Box 22 Epping NSW 2018
Website: www.adhdfoundation.org.au
Email: info@adhdfoundation.org.au
Facebook: @adhdhelpaustralia

We are here to help. Check out our information resources & feel free to contact us.