Positive Parenting for ADHD: Strengthening the parent/child relationships and enhancing cooperation


Susan has been running coaching for parents for a number of years. Children with ADHD is recognised as being more stressful than parenting other children. As a result, it is difficult to always make good decisions in the moment as our brains are can be in “fight/flight/freeze” mode as a result of our emotional triggers. When we don’t understand our child’s “bad behaviour”, we believe they are deliberately being rude, naughty or disrespectful.This, in turn, makes us mad and that is when we say things we regret afterward. Guilt follows. It’s a horrible feeling.By gaining an understanding of why our child is behaving how they are, we can then put strategies in place which help our child. You can read more about the qualities and knowledge that Susan brings to her coaching sessions Meet Susan – Susan Hughes – ADHD Parent Coach

Is your home life overly stressful and you are struggling to manage your child’s behaviour?

When it comes to ADHD parenting, there’s so much advice on how to parent but parenting children with ADHD is unique which makes it hard and confusing to find the right advice. Tune into this webinar for lived experience knowledge and support on ADHD parenting which will give you more confident in your parenting to raise happy, well-adjusted children. We will explore the following:- Connecting on a deeper level pen communication is vital.Strategies will guide you in fostering a strong connection with your child, helping their self-esteem and emotional health flourish.

Thursday 26 October 2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (UTC+11)


This event will be delivered across Australia and ONLINE for Parents and those who care for young children.

The ADHD Foundation delivers this presentation across Australia and therefore please check your time in your timezone carefully to ensure that you don’t miss the start time: We recommend that you log on 10 minutes prior to the event to ensure that your connection is working.

SA 6:30PM
QLD 6:00PM
NT 5:30PM
WA 4:00PM

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Oct 23 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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