I Think I have ADHD what should I do?

As an adult if you think you might have ADHD, either after your child has been diagnosed, through information or by gaining the courage to speak to someone without feeling stigmatised you should contact a reputable organisation.  The team at ADHD Foundation are able to listen and answer your concerns and direct you along the appropriate path that will best suit your individual needs.

We are here to help, and we firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to shine. You can call us on 1300 39 39 19 or email us at support@adhdfoundation.org.au  you can visit our website at www.adhdfoundation.org.au or our active facebook page at @adhdhelpaustralia

Many adults who have lived without a diagnosis may not recognise the symptoms and travel through their childhood, teenage years into adulthood very confused as to why they experience problems that others do not. Unfortunately, these negative experiences accumulate from childhood and may lead to self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. In turn leading to clinical depression and anxiety. Many adults are referred to as lazy or useless.

Often adults seek out an ADHD assessment for themselves, after their child has been diagnosed and they become familiar with the disorder. With the widespread and increased availability of ADHD is more accessible. However this can lead to negative media reports indicating that there is an over diagnosis of ADHD in adults when in fact many adults have gone undiagnosed for too long which has restricted their potential of success in their lives.

Unfortunately, for many an underlying cause of adult ADHD is often missed. Years are spent being treated for a coexisting disorder before ADHD is diagnosed. We hope that with the increase of information, support groups and self-knowledge adults will be able to gain the support for their ADHD much sooner.

ADHD Foundation will be providing helpful material to our members shortly, so please don’t forget to join in order to access our member portal. Email us anytime at info@adhdfoundation.org.au

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