Parents & Carers

How hard is it!?

Through your child’s eyes

ADHD Foundation has identified this resource as a very valuable tool for parents to explore to learn firsthand how frustrating it can be when can complete a simple task because you have trouble focussing.  This link provides you with the ability to experience these feelings through a series of simulations.  Game-like experiences provide a way to see why learning and attention issues can be so frustrating for your child.

Without effective management, ADHD will often have a substantial impact on academic and work-related outcomes. Several published studies have found significant differences in academic performance, relationships with siblings and behavioural and conduct problems in children with ADHD compared to those without the condition.

Understanding your child’s challenges

This link has some very informative and helpful support in areas of observing your child and some key questions to help you assess your school related options.   This link also provides expert-approved apps and games for your child and provides some practical ideas for social, emotional and behavioural challenges.

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