Raising a tween or a teenager is a tough enough job on it’s own, but when a child also has ADHD it takes the complexity to a whole new level. A US sudy taken in 2011 at Massachusetts General Hospital found teens with ADHD are more likely to take part in risky behaviour. ADHD tweens and teens are also more vulnerable to suicide and depression, however the best way to manage and eliviate these risks is through education – both parents and youngsters.

A regular routine can benefit anybody but those with ADHD especially need to keep good sleep hygiene. Learn top tips in this PDF.

Everyone will feel low at times and the teen years see emotions all over the shop. This PDF will help recognise symptoms and take positive steps.

Anxiety can affect many areas of a person’s life, and in the teenage years where a lot is going on, it can be debilitating. Learn more with this PDF.


By the time kids enter high school, they often want to exercise some new independence. But teens struggling with learning and attention issues can feel school frustration in ways other kids don’t. And they may feel torn between wanting to be independent and still needing to rely on others.

If your child feels powerless, he may avoid doing homework or asking for help. This could be because refusing gives him a sense of control. He may see it as the only wayto gain power over the situation. And he may use anger to try to break away from the people he depends on the most.

That means he may not be open to your help right now. You will find some very valuable resources from

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