OurGoverning Board

ADHD Foundation operates a two-tiered governance structure. Trustees are the founding members of the ADHD Foundation. The Governing Board consists of the Trustees, Responsible Officers and of the organisation and have a twofold function. Firstly, to ensure that all relationships and activities fit our goals and objects while enhancing the fabric of the organisation. Secondly, that governance and legal requirements are implemented and adhered to at the highest level.

OurExecutive Team

Our Executive team, may include governing board members who are working within their specialist fields. We understand that we need diversity if we are to change, grow and innovate. So our executive team will be a diverse team of experts and innovators of change who have been selected for their innovative uniqueness, passion, cultural fit and their expertise. This team may also consist of team leaders, or project leaders who are working towards a specific outcome.  They are a dedicated and innovative group of leaders. They are integral to the organisation as we work together to create a world of difference to people with ADHD and associated conditions. Whilst they inject their expertise and support across the organisation.  Our Team Leaders will guide our ADHD Foundation groups and support the co-ordination and service delivery of our various activities.

OurConsumers Reference Team Leaders

This team will be the appointed to represent the voice of the Community Reference Forum.  This team will consist of up to 9 Team Leaders chosen for their leadership/Team leader qualities who in turn will represent the views of specific groups from within Consumers Reference Forum. This group will bring forward their proposals for change based on feedback from within the Consumers Reference Forum.

OurConsumers Reference Voice

Our “Consumer Voices” are the voices we listen to. These voices provide input to  the development, planning and the changes that will create a better tomorrow for people with ADHD. This vital consumer group will also play a pivotal role in the development and delivery of increased support and services.  The Consumers Reference Voice consists of:

  • Any group with a function in the ADHD community.
  • Any individual who wishes to join individually
  • Any online group or individual who wishes to be involved and have a say.
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