The founders of ADHD Foundation established the Foundation in 2017 in order to support the needs of the ADHD parents, individuals and communities particularly in areas where there is little or no support currently available. We hear from people every day who are faced with unrealistic financial costs for the diagnosis of ADHD and medication and therapy. Often, costs are so high it often prohibits much needed treatment. Currently, treatment is only available through private avenues as the Public Health systems of each state and territory, do not diagnose or treat ADHD, especially in adults. Therefore, large numbers of those with ADHD cannot afford to meet the costs charged in the Private Health system to get the required treatment. So, that is why the ADHD Foundation is committed to developing ways to reduce this cost. 



As the board of ADHD Foundation, we strive to understand your needs, strengthen and positively provide for the needs of people living with the effects of ADHD.

We do this by creating a platform that will support a functional pathway through life.

We will strive to understand the current and future needs of those people affected by ADHD so they can increase their functional capacities and receive consistent support. By using cutting edge technology, we will improve the information and support available to better meets the needs of people with ADHD.

As well, we work collaboratively and individually with a current focus on the teens and tweens age groups, but also those who are marginalized because of their ADHD and/or associated conditions.


The founders of the ADHD Foundation have selected the diamond as a symbol because of its strength and the complexity around creating such a valuable stone.  Through careful design, our diamond has emerged as the ADHD Foundations symbol reflecting many different facets and colours relating to the diverse complexities that navigating a life with ADHD requires.  ADHD is a condition that currently requires steering life through a complex and complicated environment. 

Our symbol represents neurodiversity and the many different conditions that can be associated with ADHD and facets of life that a person encounters along their life’s journey.  The pressure for a person with ADHD to “fit in” and be “normal” in today’s society can be extreme. Just like a diamond with its’ individual design, cut and clarity – a person with ADHD is a special type of person. They are talented, shining brightly with the ability to exceling to their greatest potential.

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