What weDo

Hello, and welcome to the ADHD Foundation! We are here to bring positive change to those affected by ADHD and other associated conditions. Currently, our focus is on Teens & Tweens and supporting these families. However, our focus continues to be on those who are vulnerable, marginalized and perhaps “fallen through the gaps”. We are registered as a national charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission and registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as a public company limited by guarantee. 


We are approved as a Public Benevolent Institution by the Australian Taxation Office.  We are here to help, to address and to reduce the list of priorities one by one at the same time provide support to individuals with ADHD as associated conditions so that they can:

  • Lead their life with ADHD without stigma, barriers and with the support they deserve.
  • Provide a structure where people with ADHD and associated conditions can have a say into their own well-being, needs and support change.   
  • To work with people who are marginalised because of their ADHD and/or associated conditions and those people who are liable to or have fallen through the system through no fault of their own.
  • To work with government agencies to ensure that people with ADHD DO have a say in future legislation, medication, financial support etc.,


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