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ADHD in the media is generally presented in a negative context that creates stigma, eroding self- esteem, and confidence. However, ADHD support is not a one size fits all solution. Negative reactions caused by a lack of understanding of ADHD, by many within the Health and Education sectors demonstrates an enormous need to provide education and understanding. We know the nature of the condition makes it very difficult for people to find, access or navigate their way through some very complex and complicated systems with organizations like health, education and support services.  Currently, there is no systematic approach or support for those (through no fault of their own) have daily struggles that society doesn’t seem to realize. As a result, our research has identified the changes that need to occur for these individuals to overcome its associated difficulties and fulfill their dreams. However, this is an area that still requires work.

In 2019 a Deloitte report commissioned by Australian ADHD Professionals Association determined the total cost of ADHD in Australia in 2019 was $20.42 billion?  A staggering sum which includes financial costs of, wellbeing and productivity losses.  What about those who have not been diagnosed?  Read the full report in the Research section of our website. We know that with proper treatment ADHD can be an amazing asset. The spontaneity, energy and creativeness it offers mean those with the condition can set and achieve outstanding goals. As Dr Tony Lloyd from ADHD Foundation UK said, “if it is not identified early, children will spend crucial years when they should be learning academic and social skills confused, alone and fighting against these same symptoms”. For every month where ADHD is not diagnosed there is the potential to make their situation worse.  This affects their self-confidence and their ability to sustain worthwhile employment and life skills.

We see too often the pressure and strain on parents of children with ADHD, battling with the symptoms for years before a coming to a formal diagnosis. Once diagnosed, there are often further delays before treatment or an effective management plan is in place. Even then, support given across health and school settings remains inconsistent at best, and negligent at its worst. The reasons behind this are multi-faceted. Yet, despite these additional challenges and barriers there remains great cause for optimism so that people with ADHD can reach their full potential.

We believe that “everyone deserves a chance to shine” and just like a diamond there are often many facets and angles to a diamond. Similarily, ADHD can present and be visible through many of those same facets.  Our carefully designed diamond has emerged as the ADHD Foundation’s symbol reflecting the many different facets and colours relating to the complexities that navigating a life that ADHD requires.

With the right treatment plan, the majority of those with ADHD can successfully manage their condition and lead fulfilling lives.

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