About us

ADHD Foundation, “Enhancing lives, creating change”

ADHD Foundation in Australia is a not for profit registered charity and we are here to help
“because EVERYONE deserves a chance to shine”
in their own UNIQUE way.

The ADHD Foundation is a national “for purpose” not for profit organisation, registered as a charity with the ACNC and DGR approved by the Australian Taxation office. We are a wholly volunteer run organisation and are proud of the work that our passionate, determined and tireless team contribute in working towards creating projects that support the ADHD Community in Australia. Our aim is to support and work collectively and collaboratively with all those on this journey to change.

To Be direct makers of change through research, collaboration, and aid.

Ameliorate and better understand the mental wellbeing of people with ADHD so that they can go on to live independent and successful lives.

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Living with a neurological condition like ADHD takes strength, endurance, and courage. People with ADHD are constantly navigating through complex daily tasks such as work, school and relationships, whilst also dealing with their multifaceted personalities and unique abilities that are an invaluable addition to the world of Art, Science, Politics etc.

Our Story

The ADHD Foundations story began on 1st December 2017 when approved and registered as an Australian not for profit charity with the ACNC and approved DGR status with the Australian Taxation office. This means that all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Our organisation established in Australia as a national “for purpose” action charity because of the need to bring communities together, work with likeminded individuals and organisation to bring about changes that will improve the lives of those living with ADHD.

A relatively young organisation, with a team of ADHD experts, knowledge, action and support to the ADHD communities in Australia in excess of 200 years.

Being a national ADHD charity operating in all states and territories in Australia we work with, government agencies, organisations, other support groups and online groups to build and grow awareness, promote the needs of those living with ADHD, and conduct information and support events. Our charity ethos is that of teamwork and hard work driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to work nimbly, honestly, transparently and in harmony, building a collaborative foundation of trust and reliability at all levels.

Starting out with 3 founding members with a full page of the gaps in support and the needs of people with ADHD we started our work. So here we are 3 years young and what have we done? Read more in our work in the next section.

IN 2021, we are proud of how we have travelled, what we have achieved and where and what we stand for. As a 100% volunteer run organisation operating without regular or government funding we are humbled, delighted and overwhelmed by the volunteer support we have around us and the financial donations that keep us going.

Our Mision

Improve the wellbeing and help people with ADHD and related conditions to live full and rewarding lives.

Our Vision

Strive to be direct makers of change through collaboration and communication. membership page

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to Improve the outcomes of individuals with ADHD through community education, collaboration, advocacy and policy reform. So that parents, children and adults with ADHD are not discriminated against in policy reforms, receive accurate information and evidence based treatment that supports their pathway to living their best life.

Our purpose is to improve the outcomes for individuals with ADHD through community education, collaboration, advocacy and policy reforms. Our goal is to deliver advocacy, awareness and education that supports a reduction of stigma and lack of understanding.

Our purpose is to support parents, children and adults with ADHD are not discriminated against by policy reforms, receive accurate information and evidence-based treatment that helps their pathway to live their best life.

Our work with people with ADHD takes us across the whole lifespan in a distinct sequence, from high and urgent needs. We have a particular focus on teens and tweens, young adults and seniors.

Our purpose is to keep our sights are firmly focussed on our founding vision and mission, and our work has a sense that contributes to:

Our advocacy work supports the recognition of ADHD as a mental condition in all government policies and guidelines.

Create pathways for people with ADHD to develop their best selves healthily and reach their full potential.

Experience optimal health and wellbeing that supports a rewarding journey through life towards each individuals vision towards a rewarding future.

Our work involves advocating and working on a national level with Youth Justice, Law, Education and government agencies to assist and support the improvement and availability of improved services across the lifespan.