Get Involved

The ADHD Foundation Australia welcomes and thanks you for your interest in becoming involved with the Foundations. As a 100% volunteer organisation it is you and your commitment that provides the skill and expertise to assist us to continue to develop new national community services and extend our National ADHD Helpline resources and support.

As the leading National ADHD Charity the ADHD Foundation delivers supports ADHD individuals and communities all across Australia. Some of the ways we currently provide help and support are:

  • Operate a National ADHD Helpline responding to calls for help and support from the ADHD community.
  • Publish a quarterly National ADHD Newsletter
  • Deliver regular educational and information workshops and online webinars.
  • Assist allied health and medical clinics in supporting their patients.
  • Advocate on behalf of the ADHD community
  • Build and maintain a National Referral service.
  • Contribute National ADHD real time, ongoing data and information bases solutions to community issues.
Get Involved