ADHD Parents, Families And Carers

Make the world a better place

Our children with ADHD have the ability to think ‘outside of the box’, it is a gift we need to nourish. Their passion, intensity, enthusiasm, creativity, sensitivity, caring and sense of fun can be forgotten, or worse suppressed by the actions and words of those who want them to ‘fit in’.

Children with ADHD know they are different, they are always ‘getting it wrong’, disappointing people and themselves. They lack emotional regulation. It’s hard to pay attention unless it’s something they are really interested in, they do things without thinking, then without meaning to find themselves in trouble.

We need to accept our special children for who they are, not what we want them to be, and highlight and work on their strengths. If we don’t, we risk them becoming angry and self-destructive, or withdrawn, anxious and depressed.

Let’s help our kids shine