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Direct Makers of change through positive action for people with ADHD and their communities because
"Everyone deserves a chance to shine."

The Australian ADHD Foundation wholeheartedly commits to providing ADHD help and support to people living with or supporting someone with ADHD. At the Foundation, we work to make the lives of people with ADHD easier and simpler. Whether it's accessing much-needed support, speaking to a trusted and professional community which can provide advice or simply being a safety network.

What does the ADHD Foundation do?

ADHD Community Services and Support – Delivering the ADHD community national needs

Provide national leadership and delivery of community support and services across Australia through national projects: ADHD Helpline: ADHD Specialist Referrals:

ADHD Information and Education

Deliver accurate and reliable education and information to workplaces, educational facilities and organisations across Australia. Australian ADHD Newsletter: National

ADHD Social Justice and Advocacy

Accelerate national awareness and advocacy projects across Australia on significant issues

Making life better and brighter, we're the ADHD Foundation focusing on those living with ADHD and associated conditions. Our team of experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professionals applies a customer-centric approach to everything we do.


ADHD can have a lifelong effect. These effects can significantly affect a persons ability to achieve educational aspirations, workplace satisfaction, social and relationship happiness.

The effects of ineffective recognition and treatment for those with ADHD costs the government over $20 billion in costs related to lower productivity, health, education and justice costs because of the reduced quality of life for the individual.


ADHD Through The Life Span

ADHD Parents and Families

ADHD Parents and Families

Our children with ADHD have the ability to think ‘outside of the box’, it is a gift we need to nourish. Their passion, intensity, enthusiasm, creativity, sensitivity, caring and sense of fun...

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ADHD Teenagers and Young Adults

ADHD Teenagers and Young Adults

Many teenagers and young adults are not diagnosed in childhood and on reaching adolescence find it exceedingly difficult to cope with change. A child that has been suspended or expelled...

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ADHD Adults Fact or Fiction

ADHD Adults Fact or Fiction?

For many years we thought that most children grew out of ADHD, now we know that is a myth. Some adults very successfully learn to manage their lives with ADHD, some just get...

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Our Community

983 K

People diagnosed with ADHD

$ 20 B

Total financial cost

$ 3.26 B

Total loss of well being

latest news and information

vaping young adult adhd

Risks for young people with ADHD and Vaping

Many Parents and carers across Australia have been speaking to our National Helpline because they are concerned about their young adults with ADHD and Vaping. New research is underway and...

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older people adults with adhd

Older adults: Dementia, Depression or ADHD?

We know ADHD rarely disappears from childhood to adulthood. So why should it not be found in 2-5% of older adults, as it is for younger adults? Do we grow...

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teens with adhd

Career Ponderings for Teens with ADHD

Something that I see often working with teens with ADHD trying to find their feet is a feeling of being 'stuck'. What do I mean by this? By Claire Pech,...

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The ADHD Foundation is an approved trusted partner of healthdirect Australia. The ADHD Foundation in Australia provides accurate and reliable information for anyone looking for ADHD pathways to diagnosis, information and support.


The ADHD Foundation is Australian’s national consumer not-for-profit organization registered as a charity with the ACNC (ABN Number: 16 619 001 848 and DGR approved by the Australian Taxation office. Any donations to the ADHD Foundation over $2.00 are therefore tax deductible.


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