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ADHD is a complex lifelong neurodevelopmental condition, but with an individual treatment plan can be successfully managed. Many people with ADHD live very successful and fulfilling lives.

Our team at the ADHD Foundation have supported many individuals with ADHD improve the quality of their lives. Current projects include developing information packs in conjunction with changes that will happen to the NDIS on 1st July 2020.

Supporting individuals to shine brilliantly and live there very best life and reach their potential.

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Join us and become a foundation member. Membership is free for a limited time. Be at the forefront of our ADHD Foundation community and receive access to our reliable and evidenced based online support and information. We are building a members resources directory that you will be to access or request information via email.

Membership is free.  Donations are welcome and appreciated and will assist us to add new features and support.



Join us and become a foundation member. Membership is free for a limited time. Be at the forefront of our Foundation community and receive access to our reliable and evidenced based self-help and information. We are working hard to build a resources directory and you will receive a copy directly to your email. Donations are very much appreciated the ADHD Foundation will provide an online chat feature and other great features. You will be able to stay current on latest ADHD treatments, trends news and much more. 

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Managing everyday routines

Parenting or caring for who learns and thinks differently takes time energy and resources. Accurate advice and guidance on supporting your child to manage their problems and difficulties, is paramount to the family. ADHD can be experienced in a mild, moderate, or severe form, depending on the extent to which it interferes with learning, relationships, work and managing everyday life. With the support of reliable resources, workshops and education forums teachers, parents and carers can learn techniques to engage each child’s unique learning styles and support them to explore their creativity. 

Make the world a better place

Children with ADHD have the ability to think differently, it is a gift we need to support. Children can often be creative, passionate, sensitive and caring, but their lack of emotional regulation, inattention and impulsivity can get in the way. If the focus on what they find difficult, without giving them support, they can think their difference is negative rather than positive. They can become anxious, self-destructive, lack self- esteem, isolate themselves, or become attention seeking. Supporting a child by highlighting their strengths and helping them to manage their limitations will give them confidence to be successful in life. Let’s help our kids shine.


Adults grow out of ADHD fact or fiction?

“It’s a myth”, according to the disbelievers, the negative stories and that create stigma around the fact that ADHD is a ‘kids issue’ and they will grow out of it.   Most people with ADHD are adults, you don’t grow out of ADHD. There are a million people with diagnosable ADHD in Australia, most of them are adults and most of them have no diagnosis or access to treatment to improve the quality of their lives. Some people are fortunate to have the support to manage their different brains and some are extremely successful at doing so. The majority are not so fortunate.


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