Adult ADHD Counselling

We fully understand the increased living costs, delays for mental health support and highly, sometimes overpriced services on offer to our ADHD Community across Australia. Therefore, the ADHD Foundation Australia has introduced a very successful, highly effective, and cost-effective counselling service to our ADHD community across Australia. There is a small charge for the counselling services.  If you would like to engage with a counsellor, please complete your details and submit them.

The ADHD Foundation has engaged with Master of Counselling Students who are in the final placement of their degree just before registration with PAFCA. Counsellors at the ADHD Foundation are people you can speak with to help you unravel and overcome difficulties in your life. They will listen to you in a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential way. You will be an active participant in the sessions.

It is important to note that Counsellors don’t diagnose issues, but they work with you to improve your mental health, help you understand yourself better and help you develop strategies and work towards goals. Counselling can help you gain new insight into situations and can improve your resilience. Our counsellors are qualified and trusted by the ADHD Foundation to provide you with the help you need. If your circumstances require other interventions, our counsellors can provide information to resources and other more appropriate services.

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Counselling services are now available in Australia through the ADHD Foundation Australia for ADHD and related conditions.

Low-cost ADHD and related conditions services

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