ADHD Foundation Australia has established and operates the ADHD Helpline in Australia.

Don’t be concerned that our registered office is in NSW we cover all corners of Australia.

The ADHD Foundation is the National ADHD Support and Information line:

Click this link Contact Us – ADHD Foundation Australia and provide us with some details so that one of our team of experienced support team can be in touch.

The ADHD Helpline is a national service offering ADHD information and recommendations for ADHD assessment and or ADHD Diagnosis.

The ADHD Helpline counsellors can help you find the ADHD resources that you need.

The contact number for ADHD Help is 1300 39 39 19 please bear in mind that the ADHD Foundation is a charity and run entirely by volunteers.

We do receive many calls and we recommend that you use our website link to provide us with some details so that we can better serve you.

Online Support

Face to Face Support

The ADHD Foundation works with the ADHD community and medical profession to provide a multitude of resources to people with ADHD and their families.

As the ADHD National the ADHD Foundation provides all services across Australia. This includes community support groups online and offline, working with the government, private enterprises, schools etc to improve working, living, and learning conditions for people with ADHD.

We are here to ensure that nobody slips through the cracks and is not permitted to excel in life. People with ADHD are strong, hardworking, and capable of having fulfilling lives and careers in whatever domain they please. They are multifaceted, bright, and rare. We all deserve an opportunity to shine like the amazing diamonds that they are.

Support Groups Listed are independent of the ADHD Foundation.

Parents of Teens with ADHD Support Group
A National Support Group that provides regular speaker events face to face and virtual and is open

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia – PAAA

Newcastle ADHD Parent Support Group
ADHD Done Differently – Resourcing you to get ADHD Done Differently

Wollongong Parent Support Group
LD/ADHD/Aspergers – Church based community group
Email: or

Fairy Meadow and Dapto ADHD Support Groups
– ‘Capable Kids’
– Adult ADHD Support
Office: 02 4284 4414

Canberra/Queanbeyan ADHD Support Group

Nepean-Penrith ADHD Parent Support Group

Blacktown ADHD Parent Support Group
C/- Junaya Family Development Services
Office tel: 9621 3922

Associated Support Groups

GLD Australia
Gifted LD/ADHD support group

Gifted Families Support Group

Menai Family Connections
Monthly parent support for ADHD/ASD/Dev Disorders


Learning Difficulties Coalition NSW Inc.
Parent LD/ASD Helpline
Office Phone: 02 9806 9960
Office: 02 4284 4414

Adult Aspergers Social Group

Bipolar Australia

Facebook Groups

ADHD Foundation Anywhere in Australia | Facebook
ADHD Foundation is wherever you are in Australia, we are here to help. No joining Fee, connect with us for free, on sign up and join our community. Phone: 1300 39 39 19 or email us on

ADHDWhisperer | Groups | Facebook
An informative and supportive place to learn, educate, share and support people with ADHD, their families and friends.
A place to dispel myths and stop stigma relating to ADHD, and the co-morbid conditions that co-exist with ADHD.
A place for inspiration on how to cope and understanding of the difficulties associated with ADHD

Brisbane Adult ADHD (B.A.D.H.D) Support Group
A social support group for adults living with ADHD/add living in South East Queensland Australia.
This group is a safe space for adults with adhd, no violence, abuse or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.

Adult ADD/ADHD Support Australia
This is an Australian support group for adults who have ADHD.
This includes adults who suspect they may have ADHD, and children with ADHD capable of behaving like adults, but otherwise please find a different group to join.

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia
Parents of ADHD Advocacy Australia aim to improve the outcomes for children with ADHD, and their families, through awareness-raising, education and advocacy. We are a national community group that is run on a volunteer basis by a small group of dedicated parents of children with ADHD.

Inattentive ADHD Australia Support Page
This is a private members support group

AAAA Australian Adults with ADD/ADHD ( Support and chat)
A support group & general hangout – for adults who have (or think they might have) ADHD or ADD


ADHD Support Group Penrith Area
A closed group to share and support one another without judgement and share the journey together.

ADHD Melbourne – Community Group
The aim of ADHD Melbourne is to provide a supportive, nurturing, and fact-based educational environment online for first of all for people in Melbourne and regional Victoria with ADHD