The ADHD Foundation receives many calls daily from those who have difficulty in obtaining accurate information about COVID 19 and what they should do. Health direct is a Department of Health Australian Government funded service that provides quality, approved health information and advice. This is a free service where you can find up to date and current information on how to manage symptoms of COVID as we prepare for the possibility of a life living with COVID.

In Australia, as we know, we are now experiencing what many other countries have had for some time.  To prepare to manage the surge of the Omicron Variant of COVID 19 strain, which is now well bedded down in the Australian community, we recommend that you make sure that you keep all your medication up to date. As life can be different than we are used to we recommend you ensure that your scripts do not lapse. As psychiatrists are heavily booked, he aware of when your appointment with your prescribing practitioner is? Please note links provided below have been provided by Health direct and the ADHD Foundation does not update or amend the contents of them.

Remember if you are unwell stay home and refer to the health advice and updates in your State as we all move towards a safe transition.

What to do if you have COVID?

Here you will find information and guidance on how to isolate and also link to the information hub for more information.

Rapid Antigen Tests

What are COVID-19 rapid antigen tests? Where can I get buy them. We have been advised by our clients that many people are having to pay too much to buy a Rapid Antigen Test.

Managing your COVID at home

It is difficult, at the best of times, to manage illness. Therefore it is advisable to prepare a kit to be able to ease the discomfort while remaining at home. You will find information on what to include and how to prepare in this link

When to seek medical help

Managing your COVID symptoms and getting medical help as soon as you need it can be difficult for some people. Symptoms can range from very mild to severe so it is important to keep checking. This link will help you understand and know when to seek medical help.

ADHD Medication

Make sure that you don’t leave your next appointment to the last minute. Check out when your medication is due to run out and if you are required to have an appointment with your prescribing practitioner, please make your appointment if you haven’t already done so.