Nicole Pasco

Here at the ADHD Foundation, we hear of sadness in families where a loved one has passed on. We are truly sorry to hear of Nicole’s passing.

Nicole (Nic) was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago at age 33, and tragically she passed away due to cancer in July this year, aged 36.

Nic came to realise a lot of her emotions, responses, routines, and relationships were impacted by ADHD. She spent a large part of her last few years exploring what this meant for herself and grew a greater understanding of others living with ADHD.

Nic purposely lived by saying “I will not be defined by cancer”, but she wholeheartedly sought to learn how to better understand what living with ADHD meant.

Nic would be proud to know that the ADHD Foundation can directly benefit from people close to her seeking to know more about ADHD and donating to the foundation.

We thank Nicole, Nathan, family, and friends their support to Nicole and offer our sincere condolences on the loss of a beautiful person.

Donations on behalf of Nicole can be made here: