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OnTrac Combined Parent-Child (CPC) Program for Children ages 7-10, with a Parent

This Combined Parent-Child (CPC) group program is designed to empower parents, enhance positive parenting skills, reduce parental use of punishment, and increase child well-being and compliance.

OnTrac understands that given the multifaced needs of families with ADHD, a combined comprehensive approach that meets both the needs of the parent and the child, gives the best outcomes.

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What does this program cover?

This CPC Program:

  • is a prevention program that benefits a continuum of parents, ranging from those parents who fear they will lose control with their children, to those who engage in coercive parenting strategies and those who already practice positive parenting skills.
  • provides parents with information about ADHD, more specifically how ADHD affects their child.
  • helps parents create positive family environments for their children with ADHD through psychoeducation.
  • provides education about child development and the maturity delay in children with ADHD and how it impacts age-appropriate expectations for children’s behaviour.
  • is effective with children and parents from diverse backgrounds.
  • improves children’s wellbeing over the medium to long-term by strengthening the parent-child relationship and promoting optimal outcomes.
  • can be delivered effectively in individual and group therapy formats.

To register your interest in 2024 CPS On Trac Programs outside of Perth WA

CPC Program Rationale

To read more about what our Combined Parent-Child (CPC) Group Program offers, please download the Program Rationale as a PDF here:

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