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From chaos to calm

LOOKING BACK AT JUDITH BULL’S school reports, it’s obvious she was smart. It’s also obvious she struggled to concentrate. “Every school report was the same,” she sighs. “I kept thinking, if only I could try...

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Adults diagnosed with ADHD later in life facing ‘unfair’ medication prices

A combined advocacy campaign in 2019 involving ADHD Foundation across Australia, ADHD communities, support groups and individuals delivered a message to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) that the age restriction on long-acting medication for those...

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ADHD can make it harder to manage your money. Here’s some tips to help

When I was at university, my parents and I used to have the same conversation about my financial instability every three months. They asked me why I was behind on paying my phone bill again,...

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What ADHD feels like for adults

You're forever losing your phone, you're irritable, and you're struggling to focus. If this sounds like you, stress or even 'COVID brain' may account for your complaints. But for some people, these are symptoms of...

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Removal of the age restriction on Vyvanse

An announcement by Minister Greg Hunt on Saturday 30th January regarding the removal of the age restriction on Vyvanse taking effect on 1st February 2021. This announcement was followed by various media coverage and appearance...

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World Congress on ADHD

The World Federation of ADHD brings together a professional community and their regional ADHD associations. We aim to disseminate education about ADHD and advocate for patients and their families by enabling world experts to teach...

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ADHD Europe

ADHD Europe exists to advance the rights and dignities, and advocate for, all those affected by ADHD (and coexisting conditions) across Europe. They advocate on behalf of people with ADHD for their rights to have...

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  • Adult Adhd - Insight

    SBS interviewed 100s of adults who are living with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) prior to bringing this broadcast to television. ADHD is not well understood by the community, it is not funded withing the public health system for Adults. In 2021 diagnosis and treatment for ADHD is not considered, recognised or consistent across all States of Australia.

    Link: Adult Adhd - Insight, Season 2021 Episode 1 | SBS On Demand

  • ADHD - The Feed

    The big questions that is always asked particularly by those who do not understand what is ADHD is, Is ADHD a disability? In Australia there is little or no funding available for parents who have children with ADHD and no public funding is available for Adults who have ADHD. Information obtained from this report does not represent the opinions of ADHD Foundation, it has been provided as information only.

    Link: ADHD - The Feed, Season 2020 Episode 3 | SBS On Demand

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