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Adult ADHD Diagnosis: From chaos to calm

LOOKING BACK AT JUDITH BULL’S school reports, it’s obvious she was smart. But once she found her adult ADHD diagnosis. It’s also obvious she struggled to concentrate. “Every school report was the same,” she sighs....

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We Learn in Different Ways

When we think about how we learn, most of us do not realise that several perceptions are involved to make us learn in different ways. 1. Visual Perception This is not whether we can see...

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ADHD and Tourette Syndrome

Research suggests that there is a significant overlap between Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, with estimates suggesting that around 60-80% of individuals with Tourette Syndrome also experience symptoms of ADHD. The overlap between Tourette Syndrome and...

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Linking ADHD and Eating Disorders

Before we start: If you or someone you know is struggling with ADHD and eating disorders, please immediately consult your doctor, who will refer you to relevant healthcare professionals. Remember, seeking help and support is...

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The Pathway to ADHD Diagnosis

We know that gaining an ADHD Diagnosis for Adults has reached a crisis point. Currently, obtaining an appointment with a Psychiatrist is extremely difficult. Most psychiatrists around Australia have had to close their books to...

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Risks for young people with ADHD and Vaping

Many Parents and carers across Australia have been speaking to our National Helpline because they are concerned about their young adults with ADHD and Vaping. New research is underway and to date, the findings are...

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Older adults: Dementia, Depression or ADHD?

We know ADHD rarely disappears from childhood to adulthood. So why should it not be found in 2-5% of older adults, as it is for younger adults? Do we grow out of ADHD in our...

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  • Adult Adhd - Insight

    SBS interviewed 100s of adults who are living with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) prior to bringing this broadcast to television. ADHD is not well understood by the community, it is not funded withing the public health system for Adults. In 2021 diagnosis and treatment for ADHD is not considered, recognised or consistent across all States of Australia.

    Link: Adult Adhd - Insight, Season 2021 Episode 1 | SBS On Demand

  • ADHD - The Feed

    The big questions that is always asked particularly by those who do not understand what is ADHD is, Is ADHD a disability? In Australia there is little or no funding available for parents who have children with ADHD and no public funding is available for Adults who have ADHD. Information obtained from this report does not represent the opinions of ADHD Foundation, it has been provided as information only.

    Link: ADHD - The Feed, Season 2020 Episode 3 | SBS On Demand