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OnTrac Therapist Training | A Manualised Intervention for ADHD

This innovative 4-hour workshop provides mental health practitioners with psychoeducation on ADHD and co-morbidities.

The workshop has been specifically designed to build the capacity for more therapists to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to deliver group interventions to teens and tweens with ADHD.

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What does this program cover?

This workshop employs a cognitive behavioural, skills-based approach to help better understand and manage the challenges those living with ADHD face daily.

Results from a 2020 national survey conducted by ADHD Australia identified practical education on ADHD for clients, parents, carers, educators, and Mental Health professionals as one of the key priorities that needed to be addressed.

Throughout this workshop, Grace will train you on her manualised intervention method for teens & tweens with ADHD. The main objective of this manualised intervention is to increase the dissemination of effective psychological therapies for ADHD and capacity building; broadening the range of mental health providers who deliver individual, or group-based effective treatments for ADHD.

This workshop, used in conjunction with the corresponding Therapist Guide & participant workbooks, offers effective treatment strategies that follow an evidence-based treatment approach. It provides clinicians with effective means of teaching skills that have been tested and shown to help children understand and cope with their ADHD.

The session-by-session plan included in the Therapist Guide is a practical resource for therapists new to the field of ADHD. Together, the Therapist Guide & participant workbooks comprises all of the information and materials necessary to deliver this treatment in the context of group therapy with between 6 and 10 participants. The group therapy intervention consists of 6 weekly sessions of 2 hours each. The last session consists of a review of the content and planning for the future – parents are not physically involved in the treatment sessions. However, between sessions, the parents of the participants receive an email explaining:

  • what was covered in the session
  • the objectives of the session
  • what to look for in their child’s workbook.

When working with teens the e-mail is addressed to the teen directly, to hold them accountable, increase motivation, and follow up on home activities.

The effectiveness and acceptability of the treatment was tested/piloted over a 3-year period across 10 programs totalling around 95 children aged 11-13 years, recruited from ADHD WA’s membership base. Pre and post-data collected over the 3-years was used by a Psychology student, from Curtin University in Perth Australia, for her Honours project under the supervision of Professor Natalie Gasson and Grace da Camara. The results showed that the young people taking part in the program had achieved meaningful and significant reductions in ADHD symptoms (publication in preparation).

To register your interest in 2024 CPS On Trac Programs outside of Perth WA

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