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OnTrac Program for Young Adults with ADHD, ages 18-35

Despite the need for psychosocial programs for young adults with ADHD, a phase of many changes and firsts, to my knowledge not many group programs exist. Juggling academic commitments, pursuing a career, raising a family, and running a household puts great demand on your abilities to organise, focus, and remain calm. This can be challenging for anyone, but if you have ADHD, it can feel downright impossible.

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What does this program cover?

This program is designed to:

  • increase knowledge of ADHD
  • examine the impact that ADHD has on executive functioning skills and emotional regulation
  • teach cognitive behavioural strategies to increase adaptive thinking and reduce the risk for secondary emotional and social problems and teach practical coping skills.

This program is compromised of three modules:

PsychoeducationAdaptive Thinking Skills Building

Provides participants with a mental scaffolding for understanding the source of their recurring difficulties. Strong emphasis is placed on understanding the impact of impaired Executive Functioning skills. With increased understanding the individual is better able to break down these difficulties into components which then become the target of their individual intervention.

The old CBT view of ADHD held that thoughts don’t play a role in ADHD and are only relevant in cases of co-existing conditions such as anxiety or mood disorders is challenged is challenged in this module. We acknowledge that thoughts do not cause ADHD, but experiences of living with ADHD affect thinking and thinking affects ADHD. Negative thinking in ADHD erodes the pillars of self-esteem and belief in one’s ability to bring about change in one’s life. Studies repeatedly show that emotions play a strong role in ADHD symptoms, indicating a direct link between negative thinking and ADHD symptoms.

Many of the consequences of neurobiological symptoms of ADHD are maintained or exacerbated by a lack of adequate coping skills (Safren, Sprich, Chulvick, & Otto, 2004). The objective of the skills building module is to teach compensatory executive skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Planning, organising and prioritising
  • Management of distractibility and procrastination
  • How ADHD impacts communication and social skills
  • Making lasting change.

The main treatment components are delivered in a sequential manner i.e. psychoeducation module followed by adaptive thinking and skills building. The sessions build on each other, with a review of what was learned in the previous sessions.

To register your interest in 2024 CPS On Trac Programs outside of Perth WA

OnTrac Group Program Rationale: Young Adults with ADHD

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