Risks for young people with ADHD and Vaping

vaping and adhd, young people with adhd

Many Parents and carers across Australia have been speaking to our National Helpline because they are concerned about their young adults with ADHD and Vaping. New research is underway and to date, the findings are not positive. Particularly with the celebrations, and school holidays comes more risk of access to dangerous activities including Vaping. The […]

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Career Ponderings for Teens with ADHD

teens with adhd

Something that I see often working with teens with ADHD trying to find their feet is a feeling of being ‘stuck’. What do I mean by this? By Claire Pech, from clairepechcareers.com I mean that some students have not enjoyed their time at school. As a result, they can assume that if uni/TAFE/tertiary study is […]

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3 things to know starting children in school with ADHD

children in school with adhd

Parents who are thinking of sending their children in school with ADHD before they have turned five years, need to consider if they are ‘emotionally and socially’ ready for the education process. The effects of being too young for school can be devastating and lifelong. The first few years of a child’s school life will […]

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Australian ADHD Clinical Guidelines for ADHD Treatment

The ADHD Foundation thank all those involved in developing the ADHD Guidelines for ADHD treatment approved and released in Australia on 7th October 2022. The Guidelines for ADHD treatment have been approved by ADHD Foundation Australia, NHMRC, APS, RACP, Speech Pathology Australia, Occupational Therapy Australia ACPA, and AAPI. Read More […]

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Adult ADHD Diagnosis: From chaos to calm

adult adhd diagnosis

LOOKING BACK AT JUDITH BULL’S school reports, it’s obvious she was smart. But once she found her adult ADHD diagnosis. It’s also obvious she struggled to concentrate. “Every school report was the same,” she sighs. “I kept thinking if only I could try harder and focus. If only I could keep my mouth shut. If […]

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Adults with ADHD: ‘Unfair’ medication prices

unfair-medication, adults with adhd

A combined advocacy campaign in 2019 involving ADHD Foundation across Australia, ADHD communities, support groups and individuals delivered a message to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) that the age restriction on long-acting medication for those over the age of 18 years, adults with ADHD, was unfair and discriminatory. On 1st February, The Minister for Health, […]

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Managing your money with ADHD

adhd-affects-your-wallet, managing your money with ADHD

Published by the ABC, here Sterre’s story about the challenges of managing your money with ADHD. When I was at university, my parents and I used to have the same conversation about my financial instability every three months. They asked me why I was behind on paying my phone bill again, I told them I […]

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What ADHD feels like for adults


You’re forever losing your phone, you’re irritable, and you’re struggling to focus. If this sounds like you, stress or even ‘COVID brain’ may account for your complaints. But for some people, these are symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It’s a widely misunderstood condition that is significantly under-diagnosed in adults — and often misdiagnosed […]

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Changes to ADHD medication in Australia

changes to ADHD medication in australia

On Saturday 30th January 2021, Hon Greg Hunt delivered an announcement regarding changes to ADHD medication in Australia. This includes the removal of the age restriction of a long-acting ADHD medication as of 1st February 2021. View the official announcement here. This announcement was followed by various media coverage and an appearance on television congratulating […]

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