Who is ADHD Europe?

adhd europe

ADHD Europe exists to advance the rights and dignities, and advocate for, all those affected by ADHD (and coexisting conditions) across Europe.

They advocate on behalf of people with ADHD for their rights to have equal access to diagnosis and treatment and serve as a platform for their member organisations to share information and collaborate on research to help the European community.

ADHD-Europe has a vision for a truly inclusive European community, where people affected by ADHD are understood, accepted, and valued as contributing members of a diverse European community. Their core values and visions are that everyone with ADHD and their families should:

  • be given and treated with respect for difference and without discrimination;
  • be accepted as part of human diversity and humanity;
  • have the right to full and effective participation in society; and
  • have equality of opportunity for treatment, education and employment.

Their objectives are to promote evidence-based treatment, information and ADHD Awareness at the European level, and support the efforts of its members who provide support for children, adolescents, adults, parents and families as well as for their teachers, employers and other professionals who work with them across Europe. This includes access to education; medical help and employment; as well as support in adulthood if needed ~ working together towards interventions for children, adolescents and adults living with ADHD, their families, professionals and decision-makers.

Around the world, social progress and research on ADHD vary significantly. This can also be reflected in local regulations. If you are travelling to the region, or have relatives overseas be sure to explore their resources and ensure you can navigate prescriptions and regulations safely.

Learn more about their work and organisation on their website below:

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